Hitler gets banned from Lineage II

I was browsing L2 Vault, I found this video inspired from the “Hitler gets banned” series in Youtube. I especially like the “I mean how much fun can you have with super fucking mario running around as a mad italian jumping on god damn turtles”. That was just hilarious.

L2 has it’s own version, of course. Hmmm, I haven’t felt the banning issue here in SEA. Prolly because we’re still in Gracia Part 1. But I guess, NCSoft has banned a lot of accounts in many servers in Korea & North America. It’s still hilarious as always.

– Do not bot AFK with my accounts…hahahahahha…
I don’t know much about the china bots in Elmore..can someone explain? aheheh

-reporting Hitler to the GM’s. hahha.. But this i’m worried about in SEA if the GM’s will be really strict once QQ is implemented come Gracia Final. It’s Gracia Final right? There are a number of instances that they’ve disapoint so this remains to be seen in SEA if there will be changes to the bot-infested world in SEA, not to mention the RMT. aheheh

Have a good laugh!!! Perma-Red!!! Woot!



Lineage II update

Lineage II update

Yes people, Lineage II-SEA also has updated to Gracia. Everything is explained here: http://www.lineage2.com/gracia/ .
What i love about the Gracia update is its vitality system. It provides bonus experience during hunting. It can be acquired when the toons are offline, in peace zones and hunting raid bosses.

There are four levels of vitality:

  • Level 1 – 150% increase in experience gain.
  • Level 2 – 200% increase in experience gain.
  • Level 3 – 250% increase in experience gain.
  • Level 4 – 300% increase in experience gain.

It really helps a lot and the toons level up much faster than usual. It’s really good for casual players like myself. Yes, I am a casual player already. I think it’s because I don’t have a constant party anymore unlike before. It kinda sucks waiting in game to have a party, y’know.

New Skills

There is a new skill that my bishop can use. INQUISITOR. This skill is for all healer classes like bishop, elven elder & shillien elder. There are also new magic attack skills that can be used as well as some regular class-specific skills. While in this state, I can use Invocation, Holy Weapon, Celestial Shield, Hold Undead, Turn Undead. I have tried changing to inquisitor but I have yet to use it against monsters.

These are the skills while on the inquisitor stance:

  • Divine Punishment – Brings down the gods’ retribution upon an enemy.
  • Divine Flash – Detonates sacred energy to attack surrounding enemies.
  • Surrender to the Holy – Instantly decreases resistance to divine attacks and increases resistance to darkness attacks.
  • Divine Curse – Casts the wrathful curse of the gods to reduce the effect of recovery magic by half and continuously decrease HP.


There are also new things that were added to the pets. One is the resistance to magic accesory. The amount of waiting time to resurrect the pet before it will disappear is 24 hours instead of the usual 20 minutes. My pet wolf is already level 27. But I usually resu my pet when it dies but I think it’s nice that the waiting time has been extended.

There are of course lots of changes made to Lineage with this update. Everthing is outlined here: http://www.lineage2.com/news/gracia_11.html.

How i wish I can finally find an internet shop with a Lineage client. It’s rare to find one these days. I guess this also contributed to my being a casual gamer now.

Happy leveling and pking peeps!!!

prices. steep?

Prices has changed a lot since the x2 forever and the castle lords in giran. It’s currently occupied by the Immortalz clan. They changed their tax constantly from 3% to 5% this time. And if the Lords of Dawn win (which they are right now), i guess it will soar as high as 15%. Most of the prices have changed but I’m talking specifically about D shots prices since that’s what I’m selling.

So when I asked my friends about the Dshots currect prices. They told me it’s 20/piece. WTF!!! But it really does makes sense with regards to current market prices of the materials used. It is of course expensive especially to those people who started playing way back and ssd price was still 11. That was when I started playing, back in november 2007.

But I did not listen to my friends, for 20 is really way too expensive. So I started my price at 15 and bspsd at 55. A lot of people are buying though. I have checked my competition and they priced it at 17. Their are few seller of Dshots, most crafters are content on using private creation shop these days (they also have steep prices ranging from 200 – 500..whew)

yesterday, i’ve encounter a little bit of an argument with a player who insisted that my ssd price is expensive at 17. heck, someone was buying ssd with the same price so i thought it was ok. But I still changed my price at 16 (ssd) and 54(bspsd). When he came back at MRT, he still insisted that it was too steep. According to my calculations, my price seems good. The last time that I know that ssd 12 was January 2008. there were a lot of x2 weeks during that period so prices has fluctuated immensely. He probably stopped playing at that time hence his 12 price. He even told me that nobody will buy my wares. I doubt that. I think my prices are a little lower than every one elses. And it’s true, barely 10 minutes has passed, all of them were sold. I guess I can’t bring myself to up my price at 17 and 55 respectively for ssd and bspsd anymore. Unless other competitors will changed & other things unlooked for, my price will say at 16(ssd) and 54 (bspsd). But I hope it will stay the same for next week though. I don’t know what the prices will be come ending of the quest period of seven signs.

Happy leveling!!!

My pics through the months of playing..^^


How do you think that happens? I guess everybody dishes out vibes and you’re likely more drawn to the people who have more common to you.
Coincidences. Was it really just all that? What a small world if you ask me. Even in Lineage.
I never really intended to write this incident but for it to happen twice. No kidding.

Anyway, it started when I decided to play another character. A dwarf. It’s the most logical choice since prices are way up and you need to have a toon who can create items and generate adena for you. I was still lvl 19, leveling outside of Gludin killing the bears because they dropped certain recipes. I owned the area for a while when suddenly a human mage appeared also leveling at my spot. He sent me a greeting first and eventually had some chitchat. (it was 4 am so very boring if you don’t have someone to talk to). He asked help regarding some locations and eventually opened up regarding his playing activities. He used to be a “pilot” and guess he just got bored that he doesn’t have his own toon so he made one. I asked him about the owner of the toon he’s a “pilot” on. Maybe I know the guy. I mean, blackbird is not that populated. It’s all just about the high levels and their alts. ahihihi
Then he typed totsmejr. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Seriously WTF!!! He’s my cousin and of all the people I would meet that early morning, it has to be his shop mate. But it was a blessing in disguise. Because of that meeting, his another shop mate bought something and I used that adena to start my own shop. I just found out there is constant money in vending. It might not be that big at first but it keeps growing.

The other incident didn’t exactly happened online but on the forums. Someone was asking if somebody knew of cafe’s around cagayan de oro that has L2 installed. Some cafes are just stuck in Interlude it saddens me. I told him of some information that I know regarding L2 status in cdo and I’ll ask my cousins about it for they were talking about L2 before. We also exchanged FS mails. After I added him as friend, I checked the friends-in-common status. Guess what? The name of my cousin evan pop up. Apparently they were classmates before in Ldcu. And he is the cousin I’m going to ask about L2. Sheesh!!!

What are the odds? Will there be more coincidences in the future? I guess I’ll just have to play more to find out.

Lineage II SEA Raid Boss – Death Lord Hallete | Veoh Video Network

Our Alliance Impera and friends ie Silverblades, Malaysian, did three raid bosses last night. I wasn’t able to vid the other two just the last one before it ended. This is my first frap and first RB. Glad I wasn’t stressed that much with my first time. :-)Enjoy!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.